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Our Mission and Vision

We aim to be the Canadian-owned National brand of choice for draft beer systems and chemical solutions. We are solution specialists dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expertise to both our draft and chemical system customers.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Values



We anticipate and proactively deliver.



We are relentlessly resourceful and never stop improving.



We keep our commitments and deliver on our promises.

Sustainability & Safety

Sustainability & Safety

We prioritize sustainability and the safety of our staff and clients.

Our Story

We began formulating and manufacturing our specialized cleaning products as Protonics in 1995 and have grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest full-service suppliers and distributors of biodegradable cleaning products. We specialize in implementing and servicing many kinds of cleaning and sanitation systems, providing dispensers, equipment, and ongoing maintenance for a wide variety of clients in the food and beverage, hospitality, retirement living, residential care facility, health, sports, commercial laundry, and industrial sectors.

We discovered that we were serving many of the same accounts as BBS Systems, Canada’s largest installer and service provider of draft beer, wine, water and liquor systems, and that lead to a merger of the two companies in 2016.

Together we have proudly served the hospitality industry for over 25 years.

Western Canada’s largest full-service suppliers and distributors

Meet The Team

We are a diverse team who are all passionate about solving challenges and delivering the best customer experience possible. Meet some of our amazing team.

Jeanette Reddington

President & Chief Operating Officer

With BBSpro: Since 2021

At BBSpro: Juggling and balancing all things while the greater team works their magic

Outside BBSpro: Spending time with family on the beach or deck at the cottage, traveling to faraway places, and volunteering to contribute to the local and global community.

Greg Bamford

Founder & President, Corporate Accounts

With BBSpro: From the beginning of BBS Systems.

At BBSpro: Founder & President, Corporate Accounts. Sales and Operations for the Draft Beer and Liquor Systems Business Segment, Expertise in crafting complex and large tap installations. Managing & Developing Brewery Relationships & Strategic Partnerships.

Outside BBSpro: Kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, motorbiking, gardening, golfing, patio time.

John Mavritsakis

President, Warewash Products & Services

With BBSpro: Since 2010

At BBSpro: President, Warewash Products & Services. Growth of the chemical and warewash business. Hiring, training and mentoring the sales, customer service and technical service team to ensure complete customer satisfaction and retention.

Outside BBSpro: Restaurant owner, Fitness and body builder enthusiast, Tae Kwon Do (2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do instructor at 17 & 1980 Heavy weight North American Tae Do champion), Scuba Diver, Loves and rides motorcycles, Loves the Sciences, Enjoys the outdoors, I love being with people and sharing their company.

Chris Keay

Vice President, Alberta Sales & Operations

With BBSpro: Since 2005

At BBSpro: Vice President, Alberta Sales & Operations. Sales Management, New Business Development, Project Management, Problem solving, Overseeing Alberta operations.

Outside BBSpro: I Enjoy all sports. Baseball, basketball in the summer, Snowboarding and hockey in the winter. Hanging with the family, enjoying a cold pint or tasty cocktail.

Alex Pluschke

Senior Manager, Draft Services & Operations

With BBSpro: Since 2005

At BBSpro:  Senior Manager, Draft Services & Operations. Management of the Calgary Service team, (Hiring, Training, Mentoring) Managing the Line Cleaning Schedule & Service Calls, Draft System Troubleshooting, Overseeing the Warehouse, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Continuous Process Improvement.

Outside of BBSpro: Family Man: Being a Husband and Father, Camping, Road Trips, Writing Music, Video Games, Playing Sports, Drinking Beer, Working on our house.

Okorie Eze

Commercial Account Representative – Lower Mainland

With BBSpro: Since 2023

At BBSpro: As a Commercial Accounts Representative, I am responsible for managing existing accounts and always on the lookout for the next warewash related concerns to entice with our rich portfolio of solutions.

Outside BBSpro: My off-work hours are split between family, enriching my technical and business analytical skills, and enjoying the beautiful game of football.

Eric Chesnakov

Commercial Account Representative – Fraser Valley

With BBSpro: Since 2023

At BBSpro: Territory Account Manager, Responsible for maintaining the Fraser Valley Territory and ensuring that all existing & new accounts are well taken care of.

Outside BBSpro: I love playing golf and tennis and a car enthusiast; However, I am NOT GOOD at golf… Just an FYI. 

George Arampatzoglou

Senior manager, Warewash Service

With BBSpro: Since 2016

At BBSpro: Senior Manager, Warewash Services Dispatch service and installs in the Lower Mainland , troubleshooting and solving Warewash related issues.

Outside BBSpro: I like hiking, cycling , spending time with friends and family,  going out for a beer or two (or three…)

John Reen

Senior Manager, Production

With BBSpro: With every manifestation of the company’s past including BBSpro.

At BBSpro: Senior Manager, Production. Leads Chemical Manufacturing and Operations. Hiring, training & mentoring the production, warehouse and shipping team. Chemical Solution Expert.

Outside BBSpro: I am a homebody. (My home is my Sanctuary) Enjoy ordering in or going out to dinner and watching movies. Watching sports and reading/watching History and Nature and Politics. The TV is on either CNBC or BNN/Bloomberg when not watching anything in particular.

Natalie Schirr-Chan

Senior Manager, Finance

With BBSpro: Since 2023

At BBSpro: Senior Manager, Finance. I run the finance department. I make sure all the debits equal the credits…

Outside BBSpro: I love to be active outside with my golden retriever! 

Cheng Ji

Manager, Warehouse & Procurement

With BBSpro: Since 2018

At BBSpro: Manager, Warehouse & Procurement. Guardian of the warehouse and the supply chain universe, the Jedi of purchasing power, and the king of multitasking. Spend my days negotiating prices, wrangling vendors, and searching for the best deals on this side of the galaxy. Occasionally will take on special projects, such as developing a chemical that sparkles and shines. But most of the time just the guy with a Disney coffee mug dedicated to serving the planet’s best operation/manufacturing team.

Outside BBSpro: Eat, Sleep, SKI!!!

Suzan Masardjian

Manager, Customer Service & Inside Sales

With BBSpro: Since 2017

At BBSpro: Manager, Customer Service & Inside Sales. Ensuring our clients receives the best Customer experience, Chemical Solution Specialist, Management of Rental Contracts, Supporting the Sales Team.

Outside BBSpro: I enjoy spending time with family & friends, walking, and being outdoors.

Michael Solomon

Service Manager, Draft Services - Edmonton

With BBSpro: Since 2016

At BBSpro: Service Manager, Draft Services – Edmonton. Management of the Northern A.B. Service & Installation Team (Hiring, Training, Mentoring). Maintain and dispatch service & line cleaning, and installs. Warehouse Mgmt., Draft System Troubleshooting, Solving Customer Inquiries.

Outside of BBSpro: You can catch me on a patio having drinks with the wife and friends, I Love to try out new restaurants as my wife and I have a passion for food and drinks.

Nick Thalari

Service Manager, Draft Services – Greater Vancouver

With BBSpro: Since 2021

At BBSpro: Supporting a team of service technicians as we provide best-in-class repair and service standards. As well as delivering a high standard of customer service in accordance with our agreements with our customers.

Outside BBSpro: Spending time with family, making music, cooking,  Watching sports and comedies.


Arvin DeLos Santos

Commercial Account Representative (Lower Mainland)

With BBSpro: Since 2020

At BBSpro: Commercial Account Representative for new and existing accounts in the Lower Mainland, customer service, providing Eco-friendly hygiene solutions to various sectors in the market.

Outside BBSpro: I am passionate about collecting sports cards, and building and racing mini toy cars. Loves playing Basketball and other sports. Enjoys going out with Family and Friends on weekends. Listening to different genre of music.

Thomas Prinster

Team lead Industrial Accounts

With BBSpro: Since 2017

At BBSpro: Team Lead Industrial Accounts. Industrial Account Management including Sales and Service.

Outside BBSpro: – Hiking, fishing and Maui beach time

Coleman Wilkinson

Commercial Account Representative (Northern AB)

With BBSpro: Since 2020

At BBSpro: Commercial Account Representative (Northern AB) helping customers solve problems with their draft beer systems, institutional and industrial cleaning chemicals.

Outside BBSpro: I like checking out local breweries and attempting to keep my mountain bike upright.