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We offer a variety of products and services for all your draught dispensing needs. No matter the size of the job, from a small direct draw draught system to stadium-size systems, BBS Pro has the equipment & knowledge to make your system work to perfection. We are a Western Canadian-based company (with installation partners across Canada) and we are proud of our reputation for top-rated service and carrying only industry-leading products.



Once we have completed the installation of your project or machines will provide ongoing maintenance.

Regular beer and wine line cleaning means that you are always serving great-tasting beer.

For dish and glasswashers preventative maintenance ensures you are meeting all health and safety sanitation requirements.


Are we the Right Partner for You?

We believe in doing things right and providing our clients good value for the money spent.

We are constantly testing new equipment and evaluating product and equipment reliability against the upfront cost. Our team can help advise on the trade-offs and where you can make savings without compromising the final result.

Step One: A no cost-no obligation Site Assessment

Are you opening a new facility or renovating an existing place and looking for guidance on what you need? Are you frustrated with receiving inconsistent service, equipment breaking down regularly or you feel you aren't getting good value from your current provider? We would be delighted to have an exploratory meeting, understand your requirements and mutually assess whether it makes sense to move to the next step in the process.

Step Two: Recommendations

Based on your project goals, the pain points we need to address, your budget, and your timeline we will craft a proposal for discussion.

Step Three: Approval and Implementation

Once we have collaboratively concluded on the best solution for your business, we need your approval so we can procure and allocate the equipment and the resources required. We know in the construction world that project timelines can be fluid and we will work closely with your team to adjust scope and timelines as required.

Step Four: Ongoing Support & Warranty

Even with the best plans and execution sometimes the unexpected happens. We will be there to support you.

We Promise to Deliver

Many companies overpromise when it comes to service, but we prefer to just deliver exactly what you need.

Professional, dependable results

Professional, dependable results

We are continually investing in our processes and team to ensure we can deliver a consistent client experience.

Regularly scheduled service calls

Regularly scheduled service calls, and itemized reports

Our digital work order system gives us a detailed history of the preventative maintenance and service work completed at a site.

Proactive onsite solutions

Proactive onsite solutions

If you rent a glass or dishwasher from us preventative maintenance is included in your rental fee. We will ensure your machines are operating at peak

Fast, dependable emergency service 24/7 - 365 days a year

Extended service hours, 7 days a week

It's a busy weekend, your bar is packed, and you need assistance- no worries. we have you covered.


Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Don’t see your question here? Reach out to us anytime.

Why is my beer warm?

  • Did you just hook up a new keg?
  • Is your cooler temperature around 38F and your glycol deck between 26(F) and 28(F)? Higher temperatures on the cooler and deck can cause warm beer.

Why is my beer flat?

  • Do you have any gas?
  • What pressure is the gas set to? (In Vancouver it should be around 28 psi and Alberta it should be around 32 psi)
  • What is the temperature of the beer coming out of your faucet? (Temperatures below 36F can cause flat beer)
  • Are there soap suds left on your glassware?
  • When was the last team your beer lines were cleaned? – Dirty lines can cause flat beer.

Why is my beer foamy?

  • Is your cooler above 38F?
  • Did you just get a new keg delivery? Warm kegs and kegs that have been moved long distances can cause foam.
  • Did you just hook up a new keg? If so did you bled all the air out of the drop line when you were tapping the new keg? (if air gets into the line running to the tower it will cause air pockets in the line which will cause foaming when you try and pour.)
  • Are the seals on your coupler or keg stem damaged? Damage can lead to air getting into the line which causes foam.

Why does my beer taste off?

  • Has your keg has gone bad? When did you last change it?
  • When was the last time you had your lines cleaned?

Why is my beer not pouring?

  • Is your gas off or empty?
  • Is your line frozen? (Common issue in Alberta in the winter)
  • Is your line clogged?
  • When did you have your last cleaning?

Why are my beer inventory reports incorrect or off?

  • Are the inventory boxes unplugged?
  • Does the flow meter needs to be replaced?
  • Does the system need to be calibrated?

Why is my chemical consumption so high in my dishwasher?

  • Are the titration levels incorrect?
  • Is the wash tank water level too high and in the final rinse is the water pressure too high?
  • Is the machine clean so there are no obstructions in the wash water return.
  • Are the rotary arms secure?

Why are my dishes coming out dirty?

  • Are your wash arms clean? (Have the nozzles in the wash arms clogged?)
  • Are the wash arms rotating freely? (If food particles are stuck in the arms they won’t rotate freely)
  • Are you getting chemical into the machine? (You can observe by pushing the primer button) If not check that the chemical line in the pail is fully submersed.
  • If the chemical line is fully submersed in the pail – then check the squeeze tube it may have fatigued.
  • Check there are no fractures in the chemical line.
  • Ensure that the chemical pumps are turning. You can check this by pushing the primer switch and ensuring they are turning.
  • Is there water in the dishwasher?
  • Are the rotary arms secure?

What causes hard water?

  • Water hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium in the ground and surface water. If either of these minerals are present in your drinking water in high concentrations, the water is considered hard. These minerals come from rock such as limestone that dissolves in our river system. The result of hard water is difficulty making lather or suds for washing and a build-up of minerals on taps and other fixtures.
  • Ask about our products that are designed to work for hard water.

Why is there such a variation in price of hand sanitizer?

  • Hand Sanitizers are generally made from either ethanol or IPA (High quality alcohol) and they come in a range of alcohol contents (62-75%). Many of the ethanol products have an off putting smell to them.