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Economical to operate. This low temperature dish and glass machine produces 30 racks (120 covers) per hour and only uses 6.4 L (1.7 US gal) of water per cycle and has a total cycle time of 120 seconds. Each unit automatically washes, rinses, and sanitizes food service utensils in standard dishracks. A 40.64 cm (16″) high door opening allows the washing of larger items. BBSPRO model includes a wash-tank sustainer heater to maintain wash water temperature during idle time between cycles.

  • Height 84-86cm
  • Width 61cm
  • Depth 59cm
  • Volts: 115 single phase
  • Amps: 16
  • Washes 30 racks /120 covers per hour
  • Uses 6.4 L (1.7 US gal) of water per cycle
  • 40.64 cm (16″) interior clearance
  • Total cycle time 120 seconds
  • Water Temperature Range: 49ºC – 60ºC (120ºF – 140ºF)