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Keggerator Door Conversion Kit Features: Enjoy fresh, cold draft beer at home by converting an existing refrigerator into a Kegerator. Important Note: Most domestic draft beer is not pasteurized, so it must be kept cold. The temperature must be maintained between 36-38°F, and the temperature must be maintained all the way to the faucet. Temperatures above 38°F will cause foam and promote sour/cloudy beer. If the temperature rises above 50-55°F, bacteria growth rapidly begins to spoil flavor and cloud the beer. Simply put, keg beer storage can be compared to milk storage: “If it is not kept cold, it will spoil.”

  • Configuration: Gas Cylinder Not Included – order seperately
  • Finish: Regulator Dual Gauge CO2
  • Keg Coupler D System for North American Beers
  • Drip Tray Durable 6″ x 4″ stainless steel drip tray with 2″ tall backsplash without drain
  • Included Chrome faucet, Faucet knob, Shank, Door spacer, Hoses with fittings