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Beer Blast Nitrogen Generators – The BeerBlast® KPH Series – Mixed Gas Dispense System increases profits, eliminates over or under-carbonation, and improves all around taste and draft beer quality.

These lightweight and compact units are easy to install and provided turn-key with a 70% CO2/ 30% N2 blend for lagers, 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend for nitrogenated draft beers (i.e. Guinness) and 100% N2 for preserving open wine bottles, pushing wine, and nitro-coffee to the faucet.

The BeerBlast® includes an integral blender to produce the perfect blend of CO2 and N2, which in turn improves employee safety by eliminating the need to handle high-pressure cylinders. For applications where a blender is already installed, we can provide the N2-GEN® KPH model, which includes the same dual-bed PSA technology without the integral blender.