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As you enter Whiskey Rose Saloon, you’ll be greeted by western hospitality and a classic Alberta atmosphere across a two-level open-concept saloon. With a polaroid inspired neon country aesthetic and live music, Whiskey Rose is bringing Nashville’s very own Broadway feel to the Red Mile, Calgary style.

The Beginning

In late spring 2021, this project was brought to BBSpro’s attention. Chris Jamieson had worked with Chris Keay on a few projects in the past, and they met up to walk through the space and go over the plan. An amazing old building on 17th Ave SW was going to get a major facelift and transform into the new vision. Multiple levels, multiple bars and plenty of beer taps were brought into the plans. Chris in the Calgary office started to plan the beer/liquor line runs from a central basement cooler.  Plans also began for the liquor system and inventory control measures.

The Journey

An incredible amount of work by the Whiskey Rose Saloon contractors started in the summer of 2021. The main level of the building was completely changed while keeping the atmosphere of the location intact. The main bar was mapped out and BBSpro planned for multiple liquor guns as well as two stations for beer taps.

Devin Peterson along with Chris Jamieson finalized the beer tap line-up and the amount was increased to 14. BBSpro worked to get custom stainless boxes built and figured out the plan for the keg cooler and bar design. Lines were run throughout the building and inventory control equipment was ordered. As the location continued to transform into the Saloon, BBSpro worked on putting together an impressive keg cooler, complete with draft tracking equipment. Attention to detail was paramount as the lines were organized to keep troubleshooting and visual aesthetics in mind. The liquor system was installed in the basement and BBSpro tied into the Gas system for the kegs. A large glycol unit was installed outside the keg cooler to keep the beer cold as it flowed throughout the building.

The Results

After a few changes to the beer tap design, four different 14-tap beer towers and nine liquor guns were installed. Once product arrived, BBSpro stayed diligent on site to make sure all lines poured properly. One tower installed at each of the upstairs bars, along with two liquor guns. Two beer towers were installed at the Main bar along with five liquor guns at each icewell. All lines are linked to inventory control software. By December 2021, beer and liquor were flowing and Whiskey Rose Saloon was ready to keep up with the anticipated crowds and thirsty patrons!

  • Two Beer Tap Stations
  • Keg Cooler
  • Draft Tracking Equipment
  • 9 Liquor Guns
  • 56 taps


Beer Taps


Liquor Guns